Objectives of the Episode

In this Episode, we present the PyRat software and learn how to write a first program for it. In order to achieve this, we first introduce a few notions of graph theory, as well as some data structures to manipulate graphs in Python.

In addition to this, we present some good programming practice, that we ask you to respect all along the course (and beyond).

Articles to study before the Lab

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Lab description

In this Lab, we learn how to manipulate the PyRat maze and to write a simple program for it, that moves (kind of) randomly.

In short, we will first install the PyRat software, then go through a given program that moves at total random, and write a new program that draws inspiration from it. Finally, we will learn how to compute statistics to compare the improved random implementation with the provided one.

Let’s go!

Work to do for the next episode

  • Finish the implementation of the program in Lab 1;
  • Study the articles of Episode 2.