Objectives of the Episode

In this Episode, you should work on your AI to prepare for the tournament! Don’t forget that inventivity of the approach will be valorized, so have fun exploring crazy options!

Articles to study before the Lab

Nothing, although you should maybe have a look at some of the red links in the blog pages, which may give you some ideas of strategies.

Lab instructions

Follow this link for the Lab contents!

Work to do after this Episode

  • Finish coding the greedy algorithm if you need more time;
  • Work on your AI for the tournament;
  • Prepare a 10mn presentation for the class (with slides, animations, etc.), that will be followed by 5mn minutes of questions. It should detail your choices of AI, as well as their qualities, disadvantages, inventivity, guarantees, limit cases… (see evaluation sheet for details).

Important! There is no way of saving the green evaluation criteria in the final presentation, so make sure your presentation respects all green assessed criteria.