Objectives of the Episode

During this episode, you will present your AI and the choices that you made during 10mn (in pairs, with shared speaking time). After your presentation, you will have to answer questions during 5 minutes.

This presentation should present your choices of strategy for the tournament. You will be evaluated on your creativity, but also on your formalization, and on your evaluation of the strategy you propose.

Additionally, we will evaluate more formal aspects, like the quality of your slides, the clarity of your speech…

For more information on the evaluation criteria, we recommend that you look at the evaluation sheet on the main page.

Important! There is no way of saving the green evaluation criteria in the final presentation, so make sure your presentation respects all green assessed criteria.

Articles to study before the Lab

Work to do after this Episode

Important! In the evaluation sheet, there is a line for a deliverable. At the end of the course, we ask you to send your last working code up to date, along with a small text describing what it does. It is essential that your code is functional, as it is a requirement for a green part of the evaluation, so make sure you have at least a functional greedy algorithm.

Deadline for sending this deliverable is on October 29th.

Please upload both your final working code and description text in an archive on Moodle at this link.