At the end of the PyRat course, we organize a tournament between the programs developed by the students.

This tournament is an opportunity for you to see if you have made the right choices, but also to have a good time!


We will ask you some time before the tournament to send us your AIs, and we will make one pool per group of students. For year 2019-2020, deadline for tournament submission is on November 3rd.

Please send your programs to, with:

  • The name of the students;
  • The name of your AI;
  • The number of your group;
  • Your campus;
  • Your code (don’t forget the attachment);
  • Please indicate PYRAT_TOURNAMENT in your mail title.

Tournament procedure

Unfortunately, we won’t have time to get everyone to compete in the final tournament. Consequently, we will proceed in the form of pools in which all players will compete two by two, in two winning rounds.

In each pool, we will keep the best program, i.e., the one with the highest number of points in the pool matches (1 point for a win, 0.5 for a tie). In the event of a tie, we will consider as winner the program with lower total execution time.

Once the winners of the pools have been determined (16 AIs), the tournament itself will take place in an amphitheater. The matches will be randomly determined.

The winner of the tournament will win a trophy, and his AI will serve as the final boss for next year’s students!

PyRat parameters used

  • Width 31, height 29;
  • Wall probability 0.7;
  • Mud probability 0.1;
  • 41 pieces of cheese (victory if 21);
  • 3s of pre-processing, 100ms per turn.

Some advice

Here are a few things you should keep in mind before sending your code:

  • Make sure your program works both as a rat and a python;
  • Take some margins on computations time, as the computer on which the tournament is run may be less powerful than your personal computer.