Objectives of the Episode

We saw at the last episode that we can collect all the pieces of cheese in the maze using a greedy algorithm. This type of algorithm does not necessarily provide the shortest path for this collection, but a good-enough one.

In this episode, we are going to introduce you to combinatorial game theory, that formalizes what it means to win a game, or have a strategy.

Articles to study before the Lab

Test your knowledge of this Episode by taking the following quiz.

Lab description

This lab is completely free!

If you are late on your implementation of the greedy algorithm, you can take this time to work on it with the help of your teacher.

Then, just be inventive and think of a strategy for the final tournament. You can draw inspiration from the articles above, or design a completely unique strategy!

Work to do for the next episode

  • Episode 7 is a little special. You will have to prepare a 10mn presentation (with slides, animations, etc.), plus 5mn minutes of questions, that you will present to your class in pairs. It should detail your choices of AI, as well as their qualities, disadvantages, etc.;
  • We also ask you to provide a deliverable, which is the best working code you have succeeded doing so far. This deliverable should contain your code (make sure it is functional, as it is a requirement for a green evaluation) as well as a small README text file, that presents briefly (3-4 lines) what your program does;
  • Then, you can give all you have, and start writing your AIs for the tournament!

For more information on the evaluation criteria, we recommend that you look at the evaluation form.